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Varnan Corner Stall Waterer
Corner Stall Waterer
Varnan 18inch Field Waterer
18" Waterer
Varnan 20inch Super Insulated Field Waterer
20" Super Insulated
Varnan 24inch Field Waterer with Top
24" Waterer
24" Varnan Field Waterer

The 24" Varnan Field Waterer is built for larger paddocks. Available with a fully insulated cover (sold separately) and 3"-4" of insulation, this field waterer is built to withstand the toughest conditions.

Installation instructions for this waterer are available on-line so that you can see how little needs to be done to install one of these units. If you are interested in purchasing one of these 24" field waterers, please contact us.

24" Varnan Field Waterer

24" Varnan Field Waterer
  • 25 Gallon, Easy-Clean, Removeable Tub
  • Larger tub size is ideal for fields of livestock
  • 3 to 4" side wall insulation
  • Colors: Black with blue tub or White with white tub

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